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What is a premade logo design?

A premade logo design are logos that can be purchased immediately. You have to choose a logo that capture the identity  and industry of your business. 


Can I get the editable logo files?

Yes. After you make your purchase you will receive a zip file with a PNG file full resolution, a PDF file, and an EPS file of your logo. If you have any issues with the format or you are using an older software version we can provide you with a file version that works for you. Contact Us. 


Is my logo unique?

Yes, it's unique. We guarantee to sell unique logos, we not going to sell your logo twice. It's only yours. 


Can I customize my logo?

Yes. We can modify colours, text and small details after you purchase a logo. The turnover is 24 - 48 hrs. We offer up to 5  corrections. 


What if I don't like any of your logos?

We can create your logo from scratch after you get a Creative subscription.


Can I get a refund or return my logo?

No. After you purchase a premade logo you have access to editable files, for that reason we don't think it's ethical give you another logo or a refund after you hold the editable files. 

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